Ankara has been conducting a military operation in Syria’s Afrin since this weekend, with Turkish aircraft launching air strikes in the area and troops crossing the border to get into the region.

The Turkish leadership has claimed it aims to crush militant groups operating in Northern Syria. Turkish Deputy PM Bekir Bozdag said Ankara did not make promises to Russia or other states that it would limit its ongoing offensive, known as the Olive Branch operation.

The General Staff of the Turkish Armed Forces announced the launch of the operation Olive Branch on January 20. It’s stated aim is to eradicate the Kurdish armed groups in Afrin, home to about 1.5 million Syrian Kurds.

According to the latest information, Turkish planes hit over 170 targets in the region. Bozdag pointed out that Ankara is doing its up most best to avoid deaths among civilians during the operation and said that no civilians were killed.

Ankara hopes to conclude the Afrin operation in four stages, with the final goal of creating the 30-kilometer security zone on the Turkish-Syrian border.

Sputnik / AA Magnum Analyst Blog News 2018.

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25-04-20 21:44

What is this for kind of horror show, every body bombing Syria for the fun of killing over 500.000 people.