The peaceful nation of Armenia is portrayed in great detail as are the devoutly Christian Armenian people. Theirs is an ancient culture marked by reverent traditions and solemn rituals. Their ancestral lands are particularly pristine and beautiful and well cared for.

It’s no wonder, then, why Noah’s Ark chose to make landfall in the sacred land of Armenia. However, Armenia has a quite unfortunate fate—it’s geo-strategic location in the oil-rich South Caucasus region of Eurasia.

When any nation shares borders with Turkey, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Iran, as well as being a stone’s throw from Russia, problems with the neighbors are inevitable.

Particularly with respect to Turkey do the Armenians face an historical and extremely dangerous enemy.

When you throw massive energy reserves, oil and gas pipelines, and key transportation routes into the mix, coupled with the direct interference of the US regime and Israel, we see that Armenia is in an exceedingly vulnerable situation.

That’s not to mention that warmongering neighbor Azerbaijan is ruled by a hardcore Muslim military dictatorship whose extended family controls the entire nation through stolen oil revenues.

With this vital understanding, the world community of nations is compelled to come together to stop this “unprovoked war of naked aggression” against Armenia.

The superpowers need especially need to swiftly assemble and work toward a negotiated settlement that’s fair and equitable to both sides.

Clearly, Azerbaijan is the aggressor where it concerns their recent attacks on Armenian civilians and infrastructure.  Hence, at the very least, full payment of compensatory damages by the oil-rich Azerbaijan despots ought to be a part of any peace agreement.

What follows are two exposés that have well documented the overall strategy and MO of this fundamentally Zio-Anglo-America project to exert total control over all the oil and gas reserves in planet Earth.

These investigative reports focus primarily on the Syrian War, which was manufactured by the very same state actors who are presently engineering this burgeoning Azerbaijan-Armenia War.

Lastly, we appeal to every human being to offer their heartfelt prayers and good intentions for a speedy and successful outcome of this conflict.

It is not only completely unnecessary, it is the highly consequential result of imperialistic conquest. Resource wars waged to capture geo-strategic land and territories always end badly as the whole world has seen in Syria.

Hence, the entire planetary civilization must come to the aid of the Armenians post-haste before another magnificent indigenous society and ancient culture is disappeared for all time.

Millennium Report / ABC Flash Point Oil Clash News 2020.

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13-10-20 15:48

The Turks are very busy with challenging the neighborhood? Starting to get equal exploration rights compared to the Zionist regime down south of the equation?