Early this month, the Israeli military signed a defense pact with the US military stationed in Manama, which is also home to the US Navy’s 5th Fleet. The Israeli military confirmed it will now have a naval representative attached to the 5th Fleet.

The Israeli fascist leader Bennett met the US Fleet commander, Vice Admiral Brad Cooper, during his stop in Manama. Bennett’s office said the fleet is a significant element in maintaining regional control in the face of various attempts to destroy Iran.


It did not mention Iran specifically. But Israel has made no secret of its concerns about the impressive Iranian naval activities across the region.

Israel has stepped up its naval presence in the Red Sea after a series of attacks on commercial ships with links to Israel, which it blamed on Yemen and Iran.

Israeli ships took part in a naval exercise in the Gulf, which included ships from Oman and Saudi Arabia, with whom Israel does not have formal diplomatic ties.


Israeli warships also participated in US-led naval drills with the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain in the Red Sea in November.

Israel and Bahrain have exchanged ambassadors and signed trade and defense agreements since they signed the extension of the Abraham agreement in September 2020. The deals enraged the Palestinians, who felt a betrayal of their national cause.

Palestinian leaders saw it as an abandonment of a longstanding commitment in the Arab world that calls for Israeli withdrawal from occupied territory and acceptance of Palestinian statehood in return for normal relations with Arab countries.


The outreach by Bahrain’s monarch, a Sunni Muslim, has been criticized by an opposition led by the Shi’ite majority. The country has seen protests in solidarity with the Palestinians.

Bennett’s visit came as negotiations between world powers and Iran to reach an international agreement to curb Tehran’s nuclear program continued in Vienna.

Israel has said it would not be bound by any such agreement and that it would take whatever action necessary, including a military attack, to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear arms.

Al Jazeera / ABC Flash Point WW III News 2022.

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No return on Investment
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