Acting US Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan may claim the USA will win any war in space, not realizing that such conflict will forever make humanity prisoners on planet Earth. Thankfully, his words are just propaganda, analysts say.

However, the acting defense secretary’s words “are really not new” as Washington had been talking about controlling and dominating space since the days of President Ronald Reagan back in the 1980’s.

The USA sees space as another fighting domain. They have a slogan, reading ‘full spectrum dominance’ and what this means is that the US military should control a conflict at every level – on the ground, in the ocean, in the air and now in space.

US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) marked three perspective directions in developing military space technologies back in 2002.

They were space interceptors, which would eliminate ballistic missiles; space platforms with powerful lasers, most likely nuclear powered, to protect the USA territory; and special systems to strike targets on Earth with space-to-surface missiles.

By the time Trump leaves office, space may be the only place left for Americans to go. The USA is running out of friends at the fastest rate in it’s history.

We need to get rid off the monetary system and find a better system or wars are always going to be the driving force to make money. Which is really bad for humanity.

However, The USA doesn’t even have rockets big enough to send men and material to the ISS Space Station, also here they rely on the Russian technology.

RT. com / ABC Flash Point Space News 2019.

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