The crew of the Black Sea Fleet’s Project 636.3 Varshavyanka-class diesel-electric submarine Kolpino practiced breaching a notional enemy’s minefields in drills, the Fleet’s press office reported last week.

The crews of the Black Sea Fleet’s submarine Kolpino and the minesweeper Ivan Golubets held a joint exercise to breach a minefield set up by the notional enemy’s warships in the Black Sea.

Under the scenario of the drills, the Kolpino sub surfaced in the designated area in the immediate vicinity to the reconnoitered notional enemy minefield.

A minesweeper arrived in the area to ensure the sub’s passage through the minefield. The minesweeper’s crew employed mine sweeping equipment to enable the submarine pass through the dangerous section in its surfaced position, the statement says.

After passing through the minefield, the crew of the Kolpino sub dived into the depths of the Black Sea to carry on practicing the assigned missions.

The crew of a Ka-27PS search and rescue helicopter of the Black Sea Fleet’s naval aviation and air defense forces also took part in the drills to escort the submarine while it was overcoming the mine obstacles, the press office specified.

Project 636.3 submarines are referred to as the third generation of diesel-electric subs. These submarines are considered among the world’s quietest vessels.

They can accelerate up to 20 knots, and can submerge to a depth of about 300 meters. In addition, their sea endurance is 45 days.

Submarine Kolpino Peter Kovalev/TASS

The sub has a crew of 52 men and a displacement of about 4,000 tonnes.

The Project 636 submarines are the quietest among Russia’s conventional subs. They have been dubbed the ‘Black Hole’ for their unique acoustic stealth.

They are also furnished with modern radar and communications systems, sonars and 533mm torpedoes.

TASS / ABC Flash Point News 2021.

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