Companies targeted by Western sanctions will have an opportunity to list their bonds, as Russia plans to create a special stock exchange in 2020 to bolster its national capital markets.

It was previously reported that the platform will be based on the Saint Petersburg Currency Exchange and will be supported by Russian banks, possibly by Promsvyazbank and the Crimea-based Russian National Commercial Bank (RNCB).

The newly created stock market for sanctioned companies will not work the same way as a classic stock exchange, believes Anton Bakhtin, investment strategist with Premier BCS.

In an interview with RT, the analyst explained that the platform is set to work only in the ruble zone, attracting those willing to invest into the firms through specially created infrastructure and helping the companies get additional financing.

While analysts note that it is not clear so far how exactly the platform will work, it could become a face-saving instrument for companies targeted by sanctions, according to debt market analyst at Ivolga Capital Ilya Grigoriev.

RT. com / ABC Flash Point News 2020.

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