Johns Hopkins University provides an incredible interactive map detailing the outbreak of the Corona-virus and those nations impacted by the Wuhan Virus.

It looks like something out of a zombie apocalypse, where you’d see the protagonist shown a map of where the outbreak was spreading and projections for just how much of humanity would be impacted.

One thing stands out from the map, is that Russia only has 28 confirmed cases and no deaths?

While Europe, Asia and North America are covered by massive red circles showing the scope of the pandemic, Russia remains devoid of those ominous shapes indicating a health crisis.

Why might Russia be spared? Because the Russian government put the interests of the Russian people ahead of those of other nations. They had statesman who guarded them “against preventable evils”.

While Democrats can’t stop calling President Trump a “racist” or “xenophobic” for his response to the Wuhan Virus, and corporate journalists attack anyone for noticing the pandemic originated in China, the Russian government has successfully proven the wisdom of Powell’s true message in the “Rivers of Blood” speech.

Statesmanship is about guarding against preventable evils. Russia’s actions to close their border with China early in the crisis prevented the Wuhan Virus/Corona-virus from spreading.

They remind us with this: Quarantines work. Borders work. Restricting migration works. Putting the interests of your countrymen, ahead of globalism, works. Leaders who “provide against preventable evils” are what’s needed.

Russia Insider / ABC Flash Point News 2020.

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19-03-20 18:45

Good news for the Russians