Russia and Sudan are discussing potential expansion of cooperation in the oil sphere beyond just production, and also look at technologies for enhanced oil recovery, utilization of associated gas, oil refining, petro-chemistry, and education.

Together with companies, Dmitry Semenov, the Director of the Department of International Cooperation of the Russian Energy Ministry evaluated these conditions at a meeting of the Russian-Sudanese intergovernmental commission in Moscow.

Russian companies are also ready to participate in projects for the construction of hydro and thermal power plants in Sudan and Russia also has something to offer in terms of solar energy.

Speaking at a meeting this weekend the Russian-Sudanese intergovernmental commission, the head of Sudan’s oil production department said that his country was interested in cooperating with Russia in the gas sphere and asked to introduce Russian companies that would be ready to take part in such joint projects.

Sputnik / ABC Flash Point Cooperation News 2022.

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24-08-22 05:31

The USA will do all it can to stop this including sending in its paid terrorists – ISIS.

At this very moment they will try their “dirty trickscampaign ” via adverse propaganda and sanctions .

Bai kwe awa
Bai kwe awa
Reply to  Donnchadh
24-08-22 12:38

Boko Haram operates on the Africa continent for the Zionist swamp.