Moscow anticipates that the second Russia-Africa summit, scheduled for July 2023, will take Russian-African cooperation to a new level, according to Oleg Ozerov, Ambassador and Head of the Secretariat of the Russia-Africa Partnership Forum.

According to Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, the second Russia-Africa summit, scheduled for 2023, will focus on developing ways to expand country-to-continent economic cooperation.

We assume that this forum should represent a qualitatively new step in the development of Russian-African relations. It should bring our relations to a different level of interaction.

This corresponds not only with our intentions, but also with the intentions of the majority of African states, which send us positive signals about their willingness to participate in the forum’s preparation and execution.

According to Ozerov, the second summit is designed to give a new impetus to Russian-African political, trade, economic, investment, scientific, technical and humanitarian cooperation.

We see that most African countries perceive Russia as an ally against Western neo-colonial domination, as well as a market alternative to the US regime and European Union.

The block of humanitarian cooperation is an important new area, which will be developed at this summit, the Ambassador at Large of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, indicated.

We consider that the summit should include a comprehensive humanitarian program, including science, education, culture, the role of the media, sports, and so on.

Ozerov stressed that the forum will address food and energy security, as well as healthcare. Russia has things to offer, both in terms of grain and fertilizer.

Apart from energy, Russia can offer its expertise in other industries, such as oil and gas, transportation infrastructure, aviation and automotive, computer technology, agriculture, and many more.

Commenting on the Washington’s US-Africa summit, scheduled for December 12-15, Ozerov noted that the Americans are competing with Russia to outdo the scope of the first Russia-Africa summit.

However, Ozerov noted that Washington’s efforts appear to be futile, as the American forum is expected to draw 49 participants, whereas the Russian summit brought together all the states of the continent, 54 of the 55 members of the African Union.

The main goal, however, is to reach a productive summit. Of course, we anticipate the participation of African delegations at the highest and most senior levels.

The first Russia-Africa Summit was held in Sochi, Russia in 2019 and set a list of priority development areas, such as security, trade, cooperation within international platforms, science, technology and culture.

Sputnik / ABC Flash Point Development News 2022.

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