After officials uncovered inscriptions inside shoes belonging to children sent to Auschwitz in German-occupied Poland during World War II, the history of certain events are changing over time.

According to The Times of Israel, these discoveries were made by museum employees during the course of their efforts to preserve a substantial amount of shoes on display at the Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum in Poland.

In addition to the new discovery, many other historical artifacts have also been found in the process, including letters, newspaper fragments, and banknotes, many of which were used as lining or padding inside the shoes.

Museum officials hope that through additional and more detailed research, they will find out more information about Jews, Roma’s and other minority groups who were locked up at the Polish concentration camp.

The museum staff says that one pair of shoes belonged to Amos Steinberg, who was born in 1938 in Prague and was one of many European Jews jailed between 1941 and 1945 by the Nazi’s.

Steinberg was imprisoned in the Theresienstadt ghetto along with his parents in 1942 before he was taken to Auschwitz.

It was most likely his mother who made sure that her child’s shoe was signed,” Hanna Kubik of the museum’s collections department said in a statement.

The father was deported in another transport. We know that on October 10, 1944, he was transferred from Auschwitz to the Dachau camp. He was liberated in the Kaufering sub-camp.

These people were probably deported to Auschwitz in the spring or summer of 1944 during the extermination of Hungarian Jews. About 230,000 children are estimated to have been imprisoned in Auschwitz

Why would anyone have been: “transferred from Auschwitz” to anywhere? If Auschwitz was to be a death camp, what would be the point? In the early 90’s, it was still being said that more than 4 million people were killed at Auschwitz. That number has now been restated at 1.1 million.

The total number, however, still stands at 6 million. Where did this 3 million who were now not killed at Auschwitz meet their end. Russian documented history revealed that millions of Jews were murdered by Nazi troops in the Soviet Union.

Why did Churchill, De Gaulle and Eisenhower never mention the ‘holocaust’ in over 7,000 pages of their war memoirs… nor even once? And why did the International Red Cross, which visited every labor camp, not mention (even once) the slaughter of people?

Jewish Docs treating German guards, or roof top gas vents that were not there before the war, but appeared after, as aerial photos showed, seemingly put there by the Soviets.

The International Red Cross records that showed that approx 270.000 prisoners died of typhus or malnutrition. That thanks to the brave British pilots who bombed the unarmed food convoys. Is this an anti-Semitic rant. nah, I was born into the invented cult.

Make the lie big, keep it simple, keep repeating it, and eventually, they’ll believe it. I believe humanity by and large has graduated from such simple naivety, or better said brainwashed by Zionist propaganda machines.

Hollywood is run by Jews that came out of Europe. Producers, actors, shows, comedies, name it, its all designed by people that are connected with Zionists living in Israel. The Zionist USA now controls NATO @ Russia’s doorstep.

During WW II, millions of Jewish refugees took on different new names in order to hide their previous identity before traveling all over the world, especially to the USA, where they even got US government subsidies to pay for their lifestyle.

These people are still registered as went missing during the holocaust, causing the overrated death toll in the misguided western history books, used as an excuse to invade Russia and establish the so-called holy land.

Earlier the Zionist Rothschild family, who control most of the world central banks, also supported Napoleon’s failed attempt to capture and occupy Moscow, like Hitler’s Nazi Germany tried to do in the next century.

Now NATO its NATO’s turn to target Russia for another attempt to take away and confiscate the countries huge riches.

But under Putin that chance has totally evaporated. Russian weaponry is far more sophisticated then the ones that the ignorant Western companies provide.

Once Britain’s Prime Minister, then the Foreign Secretary from late 1916, Balfour had pledged Palestinian homeland to other people. They used the so-called WW II holocaust event as a surreal motive to get what they wanted.

That promise was made on November 2, 1917, on behalf of the British government in the form of a letter sent to the leader of the Jewish community in Britain, Walter Rothschild.

At the time, Britain was not even in control of Palestine, which was still part of the Ottoman Empire. But the foundation for the state of Israel was laid, together with all the humanitarian disasters later connected to it, from that moment on.

Back to Europe during WW II, Ford Motors delivered engines for Nazi trucks, while AT&T provided communications for the battle tanks. Also IBM office business programs helped Hitler doing the strict wartime book keeping.

The famous General Rommel of the African Desert Corps, gave his men stimulants like  Coca-Cola beverages for his troops to refresh in de scorching desert sun. Hugo Boss designed the SS uniforms for the German troops to looks spic and span, during WW II.

Finally the British-Dutch oil giant, Shell provided the combustion for the Nazi’s to invade the Netherlands. After the Dutch capitulated and the royals fled to Britain, the Luftwaffe still bombed Rotterdam to rubble.

Rewritten after being Removed from Database / ABC Flash Point WW II News 2020.

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John Johnson
24-07-20 22:26

I wouldent trust the Red Cross if they said “good morning”

Shaka Zulu
Shaka Zulu
Reply to  John Johnson
25-07-20 10:39

They all work for the Zionist crime rings, and RC/Nazi documents backed up these figures by the way. But as usual, after 75 years one cannot provide the truth, so these files get banned from the internet, for the Holocaust scam to continue.