A report out of Chicago last week about a judge ordering a mother to temporarily lose custody of her son for refusing to get the Covid-19  vaccine — and then reversing his decision — has some parents questioning the possibility of such a ruling.

Judges can only decide issues that are brought before the court and brought before the court in a certain way, even if they do not want to get the vaccine due to previous adverse reactions to vaccines.


Assuming no laws are in place requiring either the parents or child to get the vaccine, the judge then determines what arguments parents have either for or against getting the shot.

The judge may ask whether the parents or child immune system is compromised, whether the child attends public school and sees lots of other kids, whether the child has siblings or if those siblings are compromised, whether parents are reactive to vaccines and so on.

The FDA is seeking to expand emergency approval of Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine to younger children ages 8 and up, sources told Fox News in August, 2022. The vaccine is currently eligible for children as young as 12, and trials are underway in younger age groups.

The countryside in New Brunswick in Eastern Canada. It is east of the U.S. state of Maine.  

An unvaccinated father in New Brunswick, Canada, lost custody of his children, including an immuno-compromised 10-year-old, after a judge ruled in favor of the mother late last month.

The parents, who were not identified in the court ruling, had separated in 2019 but shared custody of their three kids.

Last year, the mother asked to have the custody agreement changed because the father and his new wife refuse to be vaccinated and in light of their daughter’s ongoing treatment for non-cancerous tumors in her blood vessels, according to CBC News.

Fox / ABC Flash Point Vacci-Nazi News 2022.

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