Andrea Victory, a Norwegian tanker that suffered a significant blast on 12 May while sailing in the Gulf of Oman near a UAE port, is readying to dock at Iran’s Bandar Imam Khomeini port, almost two months after the attack.

Four tankers in the Gulf of Oman, belonging to Norway, the UAE and Saudi Arabia, were left crippled as a result of several explosions that damaged their hulls in May 2019.

While an investigation by the UAE has failed to determine the actor behind the sabotage, the USA has groundlessly accused Iran of it. Tehran has denied all the accusations.

An official investigation by the UAE into the “sabotage” on 12 May concluded that such a sophisticated operation could only have been carried out by a “state actor”, but stopped short of pointing the finger at a specific country.

However, the US regime has accused Iran of carrying out the attacks, albeit without providing any concrete evidence to substantiate the claims. Iran has denied being responsible for the incident.

A similar attack took place about a month later, in June, when two more tankers suffered crippling blasts that damaged their hulls, but didn’t sink them.

Washington once again accused Iran, presenting a video purportedly showing Iranian speedboat crew removing un-exploded mines from the hull of a ship as a proof.

Tehran has denied the US accusations and slammed attempts to shift the blame for the incident onto the Islamic Republic. Iran has condemned alleged false-flag operations directed against it, warning that they lead to instability in the region.

Sputnik / ABC Flash Point WW III News 2019.

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