Femi Fani-Kayode, the Director of New Media for Nigeria’s All Progressives Congress Presidential Campaign Council, has called on the British Government to withdraw its Deputy High Commissioner to Nigeria.

Benedict Llewellyn-Jones, whose interference Kayode perceives as incompetent and disrespect for the West African countrys internal affairs. Like a bull in a China shop, he is bullish, uncouth, dangerously incompetent and painfully inconsiderate.


The conflict began after Fani-Kayode made controversial comments that were considered to be inciteful. Llewellyn-Jones criticized the APC chief’s remarks, calling them divisive and inappropriate and accusing him of hate speech against Igbo people in the country.

Fani-Kayode responded by calling Llewellyn-Jones bullish, uncouth, dangerously incompetent, and painfully inconsiderate.

As for the remarks in question, on March 21, Fani-Kayode wrote on his official social media that the single greatest lesson that the 2023 presidential election has taught us is that God will NEVER allow a practicing sodomite and his repugnant retinue of perverts, pimps, fraudsters, court jesters, degenerates, monkeys, slaves and malefactors to lead Nigeria.


Fani-Kayode has since warned the British envoy to remain a silent observer and keep away from Nigeria’s politics.

He further criticized Llewellyn-Jones, calling him a misguided, mischievous and clearly unlettered Englander who is representing a kingdom that had committed unspeakable atrocities across the world for over a century and was trying to impose the ideology of same-gender marriage on the Nigerian nation.

The former Nigerian aviation minister continued his attack on Llewellyn-Jones, saying that he was better suited to work as an air host/hostess on British Airways, serving drinks and food to the passengers in the economy class of the long haul London/New York trans-Atlantic flight route, than working for the British High Commission in Nigeria.


Fani-Kayode further challenged Llewellyn-Jones to provide evidence of his so-called ‘hate speech’ against the Igbo people.

He argued that his comments were simply a reflection of his belief that Nigeria deserved better leaders and that he was entitled to express his opinions.

Referring to earlier remarks made by Fani-Kayode about the city of Lagos, the economic capital and the largest city in Nigeria, the official stressed that the city is not a no man’s land, asserting that individuals from other parts of Nigeria who choose to live in Lagos ought to respect the Yoruba, the indigenous ethnic group of the region.


To further his point, Fani-Kayode used the UK as an example, noting that Llewellyn-Jones’ belief in a globalist world extends to Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland, where their respective capitals are no longer considered their territories but no man’s land.

Fani-Kayode further added that he believes saying that Edinburgh belongs to the Scots and is not no man’s land is hate speech to the likes of the British diplomat.

He continued, saying, it is also hate speech to him to say that non-Scots that have chosen to live in Edinburgh should respect the Scots that have hosted them. The Nigerian assumed that the same is applicable to Cardiff and Belfast.


He argued that being a proud Nigerian does not mean that I have to turn my back on the fact that I am also a proud Yoruba man, adding that the two identities are not mutually exclusive.

Fani-Kayode concluded by calling on all his fellow Nigerians who happen to be Hausa, Fulani, Igbo, Ijaw, Tiv, Itsekiri, Bini, Efik, Kanuri, Shuwa Arab or anything else to be proud of their ethnic identities and being Nigerians at the same time.

The former aviation minister stated that all Nigerians are equal, but at the same time, all came from somewhere that existed for thousands of years long before Nigeria was established, adding that diversity is good for the nation and needs to be celebrated.

Sputnik / ABC Flash Point News 2023.

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13-06-23 06:10

Now you know for a fact the Westminster attitude that prevails against the Scottish nation – still treating us as a colony and referred to as “Northern British ” trying to eliminate our heritage and the reason why Scots vote for the SNP Party.

Just pure arrogance and a “little Englander” attitude .