US imperialism has transformed its strategies for coups and interventions, as we have witnessed in Syria, Libya, Ukraine, Venezuela and now in Nicaragua.

With the ex-CIA director now in charge of US foreign policy, the USA continues to consider Latin America its backyard. “Latin America does not need new imperial powers”, believing without a doubt that the US’ imperial power is more than enough.

Over the last decade, Washington and its local agents have perpetrated soft coup d’etats in Honduras, Brazil and Paraguay, and have attempted without success to break the constitutional order in Bolivia, Ecuador and Venezuela.

To achieve this, they have used two different scripts. In countries where they possess high levels of influence within military institutions, the parliament and judicial powers, they have ousted the president (in presidential systems).

It utilizes manipulation and lies that are multiplied through social media. In its assault against Nicaragua, it has cynically and shamefully used pictures of corpses from other parts of the world like Palestine, Honduras or even Mexico in order to blame the Nicaraguan government.

In countries like Venezuela and now Nicaragua, where the empire clashes with respectable armed forces and state institutions with high levels of patriotism, they are forced to organize destabilizing and ultra-violent protests.

However, the Nicaraguan government, which has continually called on all sectors in Nicaragua to participate in a round table of dialogue, is advocating for mediation with opposition sectors and has accepted admitting the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) to get involved.

Interesting enough is the fact that after reaching the last agreement which guaranteed the impartiality of the investigators, the opposition groups withdrew from the dialogue and called for a coup d’etat?

It is obvious that we are witnessing a new form of intervention sponsored by the Trump administration, a new “color revolution” aimed at justifying a new wave of sanctions against a government that does not dance to the tunes of Washington.

Destabilization and consequent chaos could justify a new “humanitarian intervention” geared towards overthrowing the Nicaraguan government. 

Nicaragua has earned with great sacrifice the right to not have the USA meddle in its affairs, to be a country free from imperialist mortgages, and to not have anyone intervene in its internal affairs.

Managua also possesses sufficient strength and dignity to resolve its foreign inflicted crisis within a democratic framework and the legitimacy to freely chose its own path towards peace.

ABC Flash Point Latin America News 2018.

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05-08-20 19:46

Ask Gerardus Dirks about it, he lives there ………………..

Reply to  baronmaya
12-01-22 23:04

Well the man in charge won the elections again, and the people of Nicaragua are still happy in general.