The Israeli Prime Minister declared that there’s no place for the weak in the Middle East, and that Israeli forces will continue to oppose alleged attempts by Iran to expand its influence in Syria.

Commenting on the recently announced cooperation agreement between Iran and Syria, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that it will not change its Apartheid (deportation and extermination) policies toward the Palestinians living in lands occupied by Israel.

The Prime Minister also said that Israel will continue to oppose Iran’s alleged attempts to strengthen its positions in Syria, adding that Tel Aviv won’t give up this goal, as we didn’t give up the effort to cancel the bad nuclear deal with Iran.

Netanyahu also claimed that the pressure applied by Israel on Iran allegedly helped scare the Iranian government and that many among the Iranian people have lost faith in Iran’s future and strength due to the renewed financial sanctions, imposed by the USA.

In the Middle East, and in many parts of the world, there’s no place for the weak, and that the strong are the ones who are respected, the strong are the ones with whom alliances are struck, and eventually the strong are the ones with whom you make peace.

Earlier this week, the defense ministers of Iran and Syria signed a deal to develop military and defense cooperation between the two countries. Syria is passing the phase of crisis to the phase of reconstruction and as a result, the signed agreement will define the areas of presence, contribution and cooperation between Tehran and Damascus.

Tensions between Israel and Iran continue to escalate, with Tel Aviv expressing concern over Tehran’s alleged attempts to establish a permanent military presence in Syria and thus expand its clout throughout the region.

Israel has also reported that it will continue to commit war .rimes and conduct air strikes on Syrian territory, claiming that they are targeting militant groups controlled by Iran.

Almasdar / AB. Flash Point Military News 2018.

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