Speaking in Kirkenes, Norway, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg began making strange statements that some NATO members back the idea of deploying troops to Syria.

The idea to set up a NATO-controlled safe zone in northeastern Syria will bring nothing good, as there is an existing agreement on resolving the situation in the country, reached by Russia and Turkey.

The Turkish operation cleared more Syrian land of terrorists in a week, than the US mercenaries did in the previous five years.

The US military was not clearing anything of anyone. It was clearly dragging things along hoping that somehow Assad would fall in all of the confusion.

The US regime is trying desperately to use their lapdog NATO to extent the careers of the remaining ISIS and White Helmet terrorists.

With NATO in Syria, it is just another criminal organization attempting to rob Syria of its oil and resources, while a US embargo blocks Damascus from importing oil for its economy to run?

Looks like a free for all is starting all over again as the US military brings tanks and more troops to northern Syria.

This definitely sounds not good, as the USA now removes its mask and displays itself as the top terrorist in the Middle East.

RT. com / ABC Flash Point News 2019.

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14-04-21 23:56

How crazy can this get eventually?