Native women, children, and even babies are being trafficked in the sex trade on freighters crossing the Canada-USA border on Lake Superior between Thunder Bay, Ontario, and Duluth, Minnesota. Apparently the women are sold for “parties” on American ships.

Next month, Christine Stark—a student with the University of Minnesota-Duluth, who is completing her master’s degree in social work—will complete an examination of the sex trade in Minnesota.

In her study she compiles firsthand accounts of Native women, particularly from northern reservations, being trafficked across state, to be forced into servitude in the sex industry on both sides of the border.

Stark’s paper stems from a report she co-wrote, published by the Indian Women’s Sexual Assault Coalition in Duluth in 2011, entitled, The Garden of Truth: The Prostitution and Trafficking of Native Women in Minnesota.”

Through the process of researching and writing this report, Stark kept hearing stories of trafficking in the harbors and on the freighters of Duluth and Thunder Bay.

The numerous stories and the gradual realization that this was an issue decades, perhaps centuries, in the making, compelled Stark to delve further into what exactly was taking place.

She decided to conduct an exploratory study, “simply because we have these stories circulating and we wanted to gather information and begin to understand what has happened and what currently is happening around the trafficking of Native American and First Nations women on the dirty evil fascist ships.

Hearing from so many Native women over generations talking about the ‘boat whores,’ prostitution on the ships or the ‘parties on the ships,’ this is something that… was really entrenched in the Native community and we wanted to collect more specific information about it.”

Stark describes one disturbing anecdote of an Anishinaabe woman who had just left a shelter after being beaten by her pimp—who was a wealthy, white family man.

He paid her bills, rent, and the essentials for her children, but on weekends, “brought up other white men from the cities for prostitution with Native women… he had her role play the racist ‘Indian maiden and European colonizer’ myth with him during sex.”

The Duluth harbor is notorious among Native people as a site for the trafficking of Native women from northern reservations.

In an ongoing project focused on the trafficking of Native women on ships in Duluth, it was found that the activity includes international transport of Native women and teens, including First Nations women and girls brought down from Thunder Bay, Ontario, to be sold on the ships.

Native women, teen girls and boys, and even babies have been sold for sex on the ships.” Christine Stark’s complete research paper will be published in 2013.

The fact that these horrendous crimes are taking place right under the noses of North American authorities is obviously disturbing and somewhat surprising, considering we have a Conservative government that is oh-so-tough on the commercialization of human beings. However, the word trafficking can often be a blurry one.

People assume that trafficking always takes place across international borders, however, the vast majority of people who are trafficked in Canada are indigenous women and girls from inside Canada and sometimes, as we’re now starting to understand, across the US border.

The majority of women who are trafficked in Canada are indigenous women and girls. So it’s not that you have people being trafficked across international borders in shipping containers or something like that.

And while it’s refreshing to hear Canadian Parliament members such as Manitoba’s Joy Smith show some honest compassion, on the whole, the government’s attitude and response to protecting vulnerable Native women has been one of indifference.

Christine Stark’s report is one that cannot be ignored.

If the government is as serious as they claim to be about human trafficking, they can’t dismiss what’s taking place between Duluth and Thunder Bay the same way that they have regarding the 600 missing First Nations women.

To ignore this issue would point to an obvious double standard when it comes to the treatment of Indian women, many of whom are clearly being taken advantage of. / ABC Flash Point News 2020.

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19-02-20 00:45

That’s how it works, invade other people’s territories and rape their women?

Bolshevik Jew
Bolshevik Jew
Reply to  Mule
30-06-20 20:34

That seems to be the issue here?

Shaka Zulu
Shaka Zulu
24-07-20 13:48

Sex slavery after stealing your country, the invaders can now also sexually abuse some of its victims?

05-12-21 12:53

This is how Zionists work, steal all your properties and enslave the victims as prostitutes?