Venezuelan President Nicholás Maduro’s inauguration for his second term on January 10, 2019 was targeted by the USA, the allied Lima Group, and the hard-line hostile, foreign promoted, Venezuelan opposition.

A multifaceted attack aimed at ‘regime’ change is underway using sanctions, military threats, and a campaign to replace the democratically elected president.

Those foreign-regulated opposition groups have demanded that Maduro refuse inauguration.

Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro was sworn in a controversial new Constituent Assembly in 2017 that has the power to rewrite the constitution, despite organized protests and state prosecutors vowing to block it.

The 545-member assembly, including Maduro’s wife and son, held its inaugural session under tight security in the capital Caracas.

Since President Hugo Chávez began his first term as president in 1999, the Bolivarian Republic has promoted regional integration and independence, resisted neo-liberalism, opposed “free trade” agreements that would compromise national autonomy, and supported the emergence of a multi-polar world.

On account of these policies, Chávez (1999-2013) and now Maduro, have faced relentless attacks by the colossus to the north.

Today the Maduro administration faces the challenges of defending national sovereignty from imperial domination and overcoming crippling US/IMF sanctions that have exacerbated a severe economic crisis.

Andres Pastrana | Venezuela

Most alarming is that the USA/NATO seems indifferent to the consequences of such an invasion, which could easily become a regional and global conflagration involving Colombia, Brazil, and even Russia and China.

What the USA finds particularly infuriating is that Maduro had the temerity to run for re-election in May 2018 after the US demanded he resigns.

US ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley insisted that Maduro abdicate and presidential elections be postponed.

The Venezuelan National Electoral Commission rejected this diktat from Washington. On May 20, 2018, the Venezuelan electorate had the audacity to re-elect Maduro by a 67.84% majority representing 9,389,056 voters).

Two opposition candidates ran for office, Henri Falcón and Javier Bertucci, despite a boycott orchestrated by opposition hardliners and the USA.

The US military is preparing for attacks against military units in the frontier states of Zulia, Tachira, Apure and Amazonas.”

This report ought to be taken seriously given the presence of eight US military bases in Colombia, the recent association of Bogotá with NATO, Colombia’s rejection of direct communication with Venezuelan authorities.

US Military | Colombia

US policy towards Venezuela has three strategic objectives: privileged access to Venezuela’s natural resources (e.g., the world’s largest petroleum reserves and second largest gold deposits), restoration of a neo-liberal regime obedient to Washington, and limitation of any movement towards regional independence.

The devastating US economic sanctions are designed to increase economic hardship in order to ultimately break the will of the Chavista base and fracture the Venezuelan military as well as the civic-military alliance.

This breakdown would presumably pave the way for installation of a provisional US puppet government in Caracas.

In the end Maduro’s government directs 70% of the GDP to better welfare and free housing for the poor, while finally collecting new oil income through trade in crypto currency.

China is supporting Venezuela with billions of dollars for agricultural purposes, while Russia defends the Latin American country with military hardware and communication systems.

On August 4, 2018, a failed assassination attempt against President Maduro did not draw condemnation from either Washington or the Zionist Lima Group.

ABC Flash Point Revolution News 2019.

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Covert Stealth
Covert Stealth
19-03-21 00:58

The IMF and the US regime will choke Venezuela as long as it needs to please the multinational corporations so they can plunder, confiscate and profit from the world’s largest gold & oil resources