A large-scale power outage in London created major traffic jams during rush hour. The black out also covered large parts of southeast England.

Trains were grounded to a halt and traffic lights were knocked out after a failure in the UK’s National Grid system left a large area of London and South East England without power.

UK Power Networks, which controls the power lines for the British capital and the South East, confirmed the outage shortly after 5 pm on Friday. The blackout was caused by “issues with two power generators” on the National Grid’s network.

Because the blackout struck at rush-hour, those heading home leaving from work stranded on trains, in chaotic traffic jams, or on the underground.

Service on the London Underground’s Victoria Line was suspended, and trains in and out of London have been hit with delays and cancellations.

UK National Rail warned commuters that, due to the severity of the power outage, disruptions to train operations will continue on Saturday. Police officers could be seen boarding a stationary train in one video clip.

Traffic lights were also affected and Transport for London (TFL) urged motorists to exercise caution on the roads.

Commuters and Londoners have been sharing stories of getting stuck in the train – or, for the luckier few, getting a free round of drinks in a blacked-out pub.

UK Power Networks originally said the outage affected around 300,000 customers in London and South East England, but the Independent said that about one million people were affected by the power disruption.

Outside the capital, an Ipswich hospital said it remained without power for about half an hour, but the medics managed to keep all of its patients alive. The Newcastle Metro also reported delays due to the power outage.

The blackout comes alongside miserable weather in London. Forecasters at the Met Office have issued a yellow weather warning, predicting strong winds and heavy rain overnight.

RT. com / ABC Flash Point News 2019.

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