Long before Fentanyl was killing 50.000 American whites a year, Mossad was using poppy morphine product as a weapon for chemical warfare

Jazz and James are now looking at a long-forgotten act of terror, spearheaded by Benjamin Netanyahu, that temporarily shook up relations in the Middle East and thunderstruck even U.S. intelligence officials with its chutzpah.

Speaking of Zionists, Hamas leader hunted by Netanyahu haunts Israel in a gay-op gone wrong. Khaleed Khalid Meshaal is a Hamas guy who Mossad tried to kill with Sentinel.

In 1997 two Mossad agents lay in wait outside of Michel’s office one morning as he approached, one sprayed the painkiller Fentanyl into Michelle’s ear with the device disguised under a bandaged arm.

The Israeli’s had hoped that their lethal dose of modified fentanyl up to 100 times more potent than morphine, would send Meshaal into a coma and that he would never awake.

So the agents would slip away, leaving no evidence of foul play, but the plan went awry from the start.

Michele’s bodyguards were suspicious of the Mossad agents even before their assault. Yeah. What gave the game away there, people still wonder, but they were able to chase and capture them.

Three other agents would later be found elsewhere in the city. All had entered Jordan using Canadian passports. So Mossad showing up in Jordan with Canadian passports to assassinate a guy outside of his apartment.

Chuck Meshaal knew the assailants had tried something strange but thought they had failed to harm him. He felt a loud noise in his ear. Meshaal later said it was like a boom boom.

He ended up in the hospital. Did he understand that this was actually an assassination attempt? No, but in the end he was briefed on the situation in hospital.

A furious King Hussein threatened to cut off relations with Israel by midnight. Dennis Ross, then Bill Clinton’s chief Middle East negotiator, received an early morning call from Netanyahu, who explained the crisis and urgently wanted to speak with Clinton.

The American asked the Israel prime minister, according to his 2004 memoir, why Netanyahu hadn’t tried to get the Jordanians to quietly apprehend Michelle for him. Didn’t it occur to you that something could go wrong?

Clinton mediated the ensuring diplomatic crisis in a furious effort to salvage a major peace agreement between Jordan and Israel.

Fast forward 20 years later and Israel is going to annex the entire Jordan Valley, including the entire West Bank. But with the Gaza Strip also gone.

Goodbye. Just like all going down. Going down the tubes. That’s why you can’t negotiate with these people in good faith for in any way. They’re not going to help you.

Going out there and pretending like, you know, you’re like getting down on your knees and in front of the Jews and prostrating yourself. They don’t fucking care. They just laugh and laugh.

Netanyahu ultimately provided the antidote formula to Jordanian doctors who would not trust any chemical supplied directly by the Israel, of course.Why should they?

Yeah, he also apologized in person to the brother of the king who refused to see him. To ensure the return of the captured Israeli’s he even released from prison.

They also  freed Hamas spiritual leader Sheikh Ahmed Yassin. So, what started as an operation to demonstrate the costs to the Hamas leadership outside the territories ended with Israel permitting the spiritual leader of Hamas to return to Gaza is a hero.

Ross writes, Meshaal also emerged as a hero. His enhanced stature helped position him to assume Hamas’s top political post seven years later in 2004, after Israel, this time dispensing with cloak and dagger techniques, killed his predecessor.

Abdel Aziz was killed by firing missiles at his car from a helicopter gunship. The soul felt no like cloak and dagger. Israel was just going to blow this guy out of the fucking universe. This is what these people do for a living.

It’s like, what’s another thousand dead Arabs. It don’t matter. Yeah. I mean that’s how they look at it. Netanyahu may attempt to complete his unfinished business, killing Michelle and Kutter would can create another dangerous diplomatic crisis.

But Israel’s Russian born foreign minister, as Avik Dore Lieberman, believes it should be done anyway.

So Mossad agents drugged and suffocated the leader of Hamas military wing in a Dubai hotel in March 2010.

An Al-Jazeera reporter asked former Mossad chief Danny Yatom, who oversaw the bungled Mashaal attack, whether Israel might try again to kill the Hamas leader. The terrorist.

Yet, Tomáš answered, must understand that anyone who executes terror will not enjoy immunity. But who is the terrorist here?

So I can you describe the other operation? It’s had a hundred percent success rate and that is the operation in the USA. Yeah, that’s a Israeli federal operation with a 100% fatality rate.

Yeah, they are. They are always telling you just a sliver of the truth, even when they’re lying. And yeah, that’s where we are. Nothing but Chuks. Nothing but filthy lying.

I mean, you you put this all together and, you know, from Fentanyl to Tulsi Gabbard, it’s like, yeah, it’s like enough, put down the shibboleths. Put down the cops. It’s over.

That’s why I’m glad in a way that Trump got elected, because here we are. We had to come through it out on the other side. I’ve said this many times. It would have Trump it lost in 2016. Maybe he would have gone away. But imagine if he didn’t go away.

And what would he be doing in May of 2020 with all of our politicians. The Israeli’s are so creepy and evil. That place should quarantined and embargoed. Certainly no dual citizens. Send all of them to Israel minus their US citizenship.

Do the research before you speak up. It’s easy to find tons of evidence on the ancestry and geographic origin of the Ashkenazi Jews. It is undisputed that the Khazarians from Central Asia are their ancestors.

You can also read books by Israeli scholar Shlomo Sands and other Jewish scholars to enlighten yourself further. And finally, you can check on DNA studies done on Ashkenazi Jews, the majority of Israel’s Jewish population. Good luck.

Jews of our era fall into two main categories the Ashkenazim Jew (common), whom in 1960 numbered around 11 million.

Many of those people now are living in modern-day Israel. It looks as though 90% of them are probably descendants of the Great Khazars and never were descendants of Abraham.

The Khazars were a fierce nomadic warring people who were driven out of Asia by numerous defeats by their neighbors. The Khazars invaded Europe over the land route between the north end of the Caspian Sea and the south end of the Ural mountains.

The Khazars were a Pagan civilization, and in a short period in history became the largest and most powerful kingdom in Europe, and possibly the wealthiest also

The term Ashkenazim Jew is associated with Germany, Hungary and Poland which shared culture and borders with the Khazarian empire.

The Sephardim Jews who numbered about 500,000 in 1960 and are the descendants of the Spanish Jews that were expelled from Spain by the Muslims in 1492.

ABC Flash Point History News 2020.

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Loko Loko
Loko Loko
20-05-20 01:25

Captagon is another Mossad liked product in order to keep the ISIS warriors fighters awake, but it also has a mental effect of diminishing the conscience, allowing them to be vicious killers.

17-06-20 17:13

Professional assassins @ work?

Prins van Oranje
Prins van Oranje
06-09-20 02:12

The masters of disasters?