While the Zionist controlled media reports hailing the end of austerity in Greece, the facts are contradicted by the harsh reality of decades of painful austerity still ahead.

The “vultures left the table because there’s nothing left to eat. The IMF and the Troika, the ECB and EU, they all fed on the corpse of Greece that they themselves killed under pressure from the corrupted banking system, until there was nothing left to pick.

Now, there’s no more meat on the bone.

Greek bailout disaster: EU vultures picked bones clean & moved on to next victim – Keiser Report

They took all the assets, they sold them, they repackaged them, they financialized them, and now they’re leaving, probably moving on to another victim to probably destroy that country as well.”

Greece’s former finance minister Yanis Varoufakis posted a sobering tweet, pointing out that his country had “entered 32 years of permanent harsh austerity while the global media celebrated the end of Greek austerity.”

IMF is a loan shark, which did its job phenomenally well. Massive layoffs, 45% cuts in pensions all sold as ‘restructuring’ and ‘restructuring’ and designed to bring the country in the position that it cannot possibly pay back its debt.

Then the last stage commences and that is selling government assets for next to nothing. This is how the Greeks became slaves in your own country. Who will be next remains the question. This is why the current Rothschild banking system must perish and the super rich bankers causing economic disasters and ruining countries must hang!

I’m a firm believer that Greece wouldn’t be in such rough shape as it is now if it had of stayed with its own currency rather than going to the Euro. Staying with the drachma would have given the Greek government more options and control of their currency.

With the Euro they have no control over it and can’t devalue it. I’ve always like the Common Market it was a good idea, the EU was OK until they opened up admission for geopolitical reasons rather than economic ones. The EURO is a disaster of biblical proportions.

Germany makes €3 billion from Greece's financial crisis

Under the Security Markets Program (SMP) deals, all the profits received from buying the Greek securities by other states should be transferred to Greece in case Athens manages to meet all the austerity and reform requirements.

By 2017, the Bundesbank reportedly earned around €3.4 billion in interest gains from the SMP purchases. However, only in 2013 and 2014 these funds were transferred to Athens and the ESM, the federal government says. But for the last four years, the money has stayed in Germany.

RT.com / ABC Flash Point Economic News 2018.

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