Speaking to Indian TV, the German Minister of State for International Affairs, Neils Annen, voiced hope that India would continue to purchase Iranian oil in the face of the November 4, 2018 American looming sanctions against Tehran.

It will be India’s sovereign decision. I am not a salesman for Iran but I have an impression that India is willing to continue buying oil from Iran making this will a very important statement against the USA.

In the end if Iran cannot export oil from the Persian Gulf, it is believed no other country will be able to do this anymore.

India’s minister of petroleum and natural gas, Dharmendra Pradhan, stated that the Indian government would make a decision before the implementation of the US sanctions against Tehran on November 4, 2018.

On May 8, US President Donald Trump announced that his country would exit the Iran nuclear deal, also known as JCPOA.

In addition, Trump decided to reinstate previously lifted sanctions on Iran, including secondary ones, which also target other countries for doing business with the Islamic Republic.

According to the US Treasury Department, following a wind-down period, three different rounds of sanctions will be imposed on Iran in the coming months.

Other signatories to the JCPOA, including Britain, China, France, Germany and Russia, have refused to exit from the deal and introduce sanctions against Iran.

ABC Flash Point War News 2018.

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