Germany’s government has been engaged in several diplomatic attacks on the Jewish state over the last two years, including voting against Israel a total of eight times in November. In 2018, Germany voted 16 times at the UN to condemn Israel.

Now Germany’s UN ambassador has voted again for an anti-Israel resolution, ignoring pleas from the Central Council of Jews in Germany and the Jewish state to change its voting pattern.

Rabbi Abraham Cooper told The Jerusalem Post, that no German government should ever be allowed to be involved in de-legitimizing Jewish history and its invasive presence in Jerusalem.

Having Germany again vote for a UN Resolution, labeling the Jewish people’s holiest sites. like the Western Wall in Jerusalem along with Solomon’s Temple Mount and the historic Jewish Quarter of the Old City as ‘occupied Palestinian territory is a disgrace.

If this vote reflects the views of Chancellor Merkel? If the answer is no, the German ambassador should be removed. If the answer is yes, we urge the chancellor to immediately order a review of its Middle East policy.

The November 19 resolution that Germany voted for, titled -The right of the Palestinian people to self-determination-, was sponsored by the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Egypt, Nicaragua, Zimbabwe and State of Palestine.

Egypt helped draft the resolution on behalf of the State Members of the United Nations that are members of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, according to the resolution.

Palestinian civilians must live without fear for devastating Israeli missile attacks and military apartheid bulldozers destroying their homes and schools.

The Israeli Civil Administration is expected to approve over 2,000 Jewish residential units in West Bank settlements this week, as the United Nations announced on Sunday that 617 Palestinian buildings have been demolished since the beginning of 2019.

Jerusalem Post / ABC Flash Point Ethnic Cleansing News 2019.

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