A large fire has erupted at a gas station in the Siberian city of Novosibirsk in Russia. The massive blasts triggered by the blaze were caught on camera.

Bystanders and residents of multi-story apartment buildings filmed powerful mushroom-shaped explosions near a busy road. Four people have died, while dozens are missing after the huge explosion.

Russian media cited emergency services saying that 16 people were hurt. Officials previously told TASS news agency that four employees and two firefighters were injured when fuel tanks detonated.

Emergency officials separately told RIA Novosti that four people were hospitalized with extensive burns to the body and face. Authorities have closed the road near the blaze, warning drivers to stay away from the area.

The gas station’s operator told TASS that the blaze began when a vehicle was refueling at one of the pumps. He added that a cargo truck and a fuel truck had been destroyed.

RT. com / ABC Flash Point News 2021.

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16-06-21 15:52

Best wishes and recovery for those injured. Be aware of those who might be dancing on rooftop. These accidents are occurring where some operatives, long rangers might seek own interest.

16-06-21 15:53

Hmmm…., loads of explosions in many countries over the past 12 months, more in 12 months since last year March than in any previous time I have been online. Something seems a bit fishy here, Siberia & US in one day, few weeks back Iran, Serbia, last year Lebanon. Hmmm?