The repercussions over Poland’s unwillingness to adhere to European law are increasing by the day, with the EU leaders divided and its institutions at war. However the situation is resolved, and it’s proving very damaging to the capitalist bloc.

Poland’s refusal to bow to European Union pressure has revealed a fissure at the heart of the bloc. Brussels simply does not know how to proceed in its battle with Poland over the supremacy of EU law.

Some want the Poles punished now, others want more negotiations, while Hungary is steadfastly standing by its ally.

European leaders met on Thursday in Brussels to discuss the situation. The European Council summit was, however, a torrid affair with leaders unable to agree over how to handle the tense situation.

The issue was deemed so delicate that European Council President Charles Michel attempted to keep it off the agenda, only for France and other Western members to demand its inclusion.

In one corner were French President Emmanuel Macron and Dutch fascist Prime Minister Mark Rutte who want to see Poland penalized for its actions. It is very difficult to see how a big new fund of bribe money could be made available to Poland when this is not settled.

Rutte also attempted to have the leaders temporarily end Poland’s voting rights until the situation was sorted, although he failed to garner enough support for this penalty. On the opposite side of the debate was Hungarian PM Viktor Orban, who is despised by Brussels.

Stood between the warring sides was Angela Merkel, the outgoing German chancellor. Merkel, who was clearly scarred by Brexit, urged both sides to compromise.

Merkel said, “Germany does not want to have a Polexit. Poland’s place is in the middle of Europe, we must not talk about how to isolate. We must try to fix the problem.

However, it is not only the national leaders who are divided over how to deal with Poland; the EU institutions are equally split.

Whereas the European Commission wants to continue with negotiations, the European Parliament, which is far more ideological than the Commission, wants to see Poland and Hungary punished, and punished now.

So impatient are MEPs that they have given Commission President Ursula von der Leyen a deadline of November 2 to punish Poland, or they will initiate legal proceedings against the European Commission.

Yes, that’s right, the European Parliament is going to sue the European Commission because it believes that it is treating Poland with kid gloves.

The European Parliament is always the outrider on issues like this. During the arduous Brexit negotiations, I saw first-hand that the European Parliament was far more determined to punish Britain for having the temerity to leave the club than the European Commission.

Whereas the European Commission is made up of bureaucrats willing to negotiate and then compromise, the MEP’s could be described as the EU’s equivalent of the Taliban.

In all, it has been a good week for the Polish government and a terrible one for the EU. Polish PM Mateusz Morawiecki’s confident and unapologetic performance in the European Parliament and certainly set the tone for what was to come.

The European Parliament has threatened to sue the European Commission and EU leaders have revealed that they are divided about how to proceed.

Poland has clearly won this battle, but whether it wins the war is another matter altogether. It seems, however, that this dispute is going to rumble on for some time to come, and who knows how or where it will end.

RT. com / ABC Flash Point News 2021.

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23-10-21 14:57

I had a friend from Poland who would bring back Polish-made shoes and clothing . They were very nice. They lacked the permanent press chemicals, but today that would be considered eco-friendly . She seemed ashamed of them. Poland ditched their industries and rushed pell mell into the arms of the EU. Now, they owe them money.

Reply to  EbbTide
23-10-21 14:57

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The Real Roggenbrod
The Real Roggenbrod
23-10-21 14:59

Poland did not bow to Prussia, Russia nor to Austria, the Nazis or the Sovjet communists. They will certainly not bow to the EU burocrats.