The island of Curacao is situated along the coast of richest mineral deposit country in the world (Venezuela) and serves as a lucrative Dutch trade hub to South America.

The Dutch Kingdom controls 20% of the total South American trade flows, but can not match the British monarchy which is the largest landowner on Planet Earth.

The Dutch colonial powers control the economy of the islands and wants to erase all traditional and cultural values in order to serve the puppet dictatorship, signing all the tax evading contracts for capitalist pirates and looters privatizing the sandy beaches and invasive tourism industry.

Money laundering, the invasive public confiscation of local properties and tax schemes all form and integrated part of the human trafficking abuse, sinister prostitution rings and gambling profits.

For that reason Curacao is governed by a bunch of morally impoverished psychopaths to serve as Zionist puppets in order to facilitate the ruling elite, disguised as Freemasons and other secretive agencies (DEA) that pocket billions of dollars from the lucrative trade.

The tourist industry is good for nearly one billion turnover, but the islanders suffer from historical poverty, with crime rates bouncing up, because the government freezes minimum wages to serve the cheap labored businesses that plunder the islands resources.

Over $1 billion of Gold smuggled out of Venezuela is flown to Amsterdam every year for the past 5 years until Venezuela closed its borders with the ABC Islands.

The Sun and the exclusive geographical position keeping it out of the hurricane zones make Curacao very popular among the extremely polluting travel industry.

Insurance agencies also profit from the environmental circumstances, because they do not have to cover for hurricane damage.

With all the advantages the foreign based enterprises collect the fascist Nazi movement wants more and forced the local government to sell their public properties for the money, valued @ $1 billion to be invested in the tax evading sex and drugs sustained tourist industry.

Not strange if people realize that tourism was a Nazi invention, when during WW II, the Parisians did not like the Hitlers occupation forces, so the Nazi propaganda machine started tourism as rich German citizens were ordered to spent money in Paris for them to turn their attitude and accept the invasive Weimar forces.

In Curacao, the same formula has been applied to impoverish the people of a former happy nation in order to replace it with cold-blooded capitalist alternatives that create hate and even racism.

Rich Dutch entrepreneurs from the food- and oil industry grow their new roots as local born inhabitants are deported to Europe and parish in a world of distraction and Islamic repercussion.

The human engineering program is straight and simple, as money and corruption programs benefit the colonization process in this capitalist ruled environment.

The last burden for the invaders to overcome and battle public activism is to close down the Isla refinery in order to destroy “all left over local income” for the economically impoverished Caribbean outposts to be strangled back into position.

ABC Flash Point News / Crickey Conservation Society 2018.

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Zie Je Wel
Zie Je Wel
07-03-20 11:05

The Best in the West by Test?

Reply to  Zie Je Wel
23-02-22 02:07

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Reply to  Greenhouse
23-02-22 02:08

City Chopper?

23-02-22 02:07

Must change course before everything has been given to NGO’s and Dutch companies and businessmen and loose all our traditions and culture?