The Chinese navy and air force conducted a fresh round of military exercises off Taiwan on Tuesday aimed at honing their sea-and-air blockade and control capabilities.

The Eastern Theater Command said on social media that the drills involved a frigate, identified in its video as the Huanggang, as well as fighter jets, a tanker aircraft, an airborne radar system and an electronic-warfare aircraft.

The stated goal of the exercise is to train air combat, obtaining air supremacy, providing air support to naval forces, and to test joint blockade and control capabilities in a complex electromagnetic setting.

China announced snap drills around Taiwan last Thursday in response to a visit of US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the highest-ranking US official to come to the island in decades.

Taiwan accuses China of preparing to invade, a claim denied by Beijing, which sees Taiwan as its own territory.

Sputnik / ABC Flash Point News 2022.

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10-08-22 11:21

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10-08-22 12:39

I dont think the recent visit by Pelosi is going to help Biden in the upcoming elections .
China has announced the war games over Taiwan have now come to an end but China -quote–“is staying battle ready ” – CGTN ( Chinese worldwide news )

What happens in the future is down to Biden,s advisors who are mostly Hawks who want global war -insanity seems to rule the Whitehouse.

Reply to  baronmaya
11-08-22 14:01

Your first sentence sounds right as I am kept up to date by many USA .org websites who email me and my own investigations ,as regards the second sentence you mean he lives in Delaware with Jill ?