China has made huge inroads into global power markets, in large part thanks to Beijing’s assertive Belt and Road Initiative announced in 2013.

This global infrastructure development program involves Chinese investment in around 70 countries and international organizations.

One action China has taken recently is to stop coal imports from Australia. This is ‘influence’, but only as a dominant consumer. This is an attempt by China to punish Australia for a specific policy.

All this does is expose Australia’s vulnerability to blackmail, something its citizens and government will probably seek to avoid in the future by making various adaptations. All this demonstrates is the value of having a diverse collection of allies.

Countries like the USA, Britain, and those in Europe essentially ‘export’ their pollution by having things made in China. How China is going to ‘export’ pollution to other countries by offshoring work raises the question of ‘who is a bigger polluter than China’.

About the only realistic candidate is India. The two of them aren’t getting along, if anyone noticed.

The countries along China’s border, including Pakistan, Russia, India, Kazakhstan, and Bangladesh tend to be careless about pollution, however some if not most of them are in some state of conflict with China. Perhaps we’re talking about Africa.

China resolved all land borders except for India. India refuses to resolve, despite 60 years of invitations from China. India’s border claims with China really have no basis.

The border was decreed unilaterally by the Brits, after the Brits subjugated the various kingdoms within the India subcontinent, and long before India became a country. The Brits included lands taken from China. China never accepted. No treaties were signed.

In 1962, India attacked China over India’s claims, and China repelled Indian forces into a rout. A key fact; China returned occupied lands to India, with certain understandings. A LAC was established, agreed by both sides.

India has since reneged. The de facto border is the LAC. If India were to accept the LAC as the de jure border, the dispute would be resolved instantly.

Oil / ABC Flash Point News 2020.

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Baroc Bordello
Baroc Bordello
13-12-20 13:26

China wants to establish their own borders back before the British and French invaders carved up and colonized some parts of its territory?