Steven Donziger, lawyer, writer, former journalist and environmental advocate, tells us about a case involving environmental devastation in the Amazon where plaintiffs won a huge case against oil giant Chevron.

In response the Rockefeller’s then engaged in a legal vendetta against the activists and lawyers representing Ecuadorian communities, bribing judges in the USA to help Chevron to persecute and fabricate bogus charges, hiring private law firms connected to the oil industry.

This represents a violation of human rights, and shows how big corporate interests can pervert justice in the USA, and what this means for the communities seeking justice for the environmental destruction of their lands.

The recent violent demolition of homeless encampments at Echo Park in California, the background and history of the area, the justification for clearing out this community, the methods and tactics used to clear the area.

But also the pursuit of the people they will go after, and what’s going to happen to those arrested, and what this shows us about perceptions of homelessness, policing, and the criminalization of poverty.

Sputnik / ABC Flash Point Exploitation News 2021.

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