Russian President Vladimir Putin said an agreement concerning the legal status of the Caspian Sea prohibits the armed forces of non-Caspian countries from accessing the body of water, after signing the convention in the Kazakh city of Aktau.

The convention guarantees the settlement of all topical issues of the agenda on the basis of consensus and mutual consideration of interests, and ensures peace on the Caspian Sea, as the presence of armed forces of non-participants is prohibited.

Kazakhstan, Iran, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan and Russia form the five Caspian Sea nations, and decided that the Caspian states’ lands could not be used against another Caspian state.

The agreement regulates the legal status of the body of water and the rights of the five Caspian Sea countries. The convention clarifies that the surface water will be for common use for each of the countries, while the seabed and subsoil will be divided up in accordance with an international legal framework.

According to the Kremlin, the five countries have been working on an agreement since 1996, but now with Saudi Arabia, Israel and the USA zoning in, the security precautions have been put on high alert.

Almasdar / Flash Point News 2018.

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16-07-20 20:33

Good move, keep those warmongering fanatics out?