Electric cars may not be the best option for road trips unless you want to risk spending hours stuck at charging stations in between.

Rachel Wolfe, a reporter from The Wall Street Journal, took a Kia EV6 on a four-day road trip and said the car spent more time charging than she did sleeping.


During the 2,000-mile round trip between New Orleans and Chicago, Wolfe said she struggled to find fast chargers and spent much of the trip waiting for the car to recharge.

While there appeared to be a multitude of chargers along the route, she quickly discovered that not all chargers are created equally. Wolfe said the trip to Chicago, which was supposed to take about seven and a half hours, took 12.

She detailed instances when she waited for as long as 3 hours for a 30-mile charge and moments when her car’s battery ticked down at an alarming rate, making the carbon footprint left behind by EV’s not improving at all.


On her way home, Wolfe said her car wasn’t able to make it more than 200 miles on a single charge amid a tornado warning, despite an advertised range of up to 310 miles.

To save power, we turn off the car’s cooling system and the radio, unplug our phones and lower the windshield wipers to the lowest possible setting while still being able to see. Three miles away from the station, we have one mile of estimated range.

A similar experience occurred during a road trip to Vermont last year when the battery of a Mustang Mach-E plunged rapidly in an environment where there was little access to charging infrastructure.


Tesla Superchargers account for about 58% of all available fast-charging stations in the US, according to data from the Department of Energy.

Regular Tesla stations can be used with non-Tesla EV’s through a special adapter, but not all supercharging stations are compatible with other electric cars. Tesla has only opened the option in select markets in Europe.

The electric power used for EV’s to run on is still extracted from fossil fuels and coal. Old batteries (8-10 years) are not recyclable, while most of the work delivered to extract lithium from the mines in Africa and South America is offered by child labor.

Business Insider / ABC Flash Point News 2022.

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Don Chien
09-06-22 13:45

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Don Chien
Don Chien
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09-06-22 13:46

Accident with electric cars burn unstoppable for 24 hours before they can be removed.

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Vidarr Kerr
09-06-22 13:47

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