Bolivian Minister of Defense Javier Savaleta resigned in the light of ongoing protests in the South American country, according to a tweet his ministry released Tuesday.

I am leaving the post of Minister of Defense in order to maintain unity in the ranks of the Armed Forces. The resigning minister said that the commanders never ordered the use of military force against the civilians.

We never gave an order for our soldiers and sailors to wield a weapon against their people and we will never give it. The state we built is a Bolivia in which a military man defends his country alongside his people and never from them.

​Last month, Evo Morales won in the first round of presidential elections. The opposition, led by Carlos Mesa, accused him of electoral fraud and refused to recognize the results of the vote.

Morales stepped down on Sunday, amid massive foreign demonstrations against his victory in the October elections. Somehow the country’s armed forces and the police jointed the calls for the president’s resignation.

Several countries, including Argentina, Venezuela, Cuba, and Mexico described the events in Bolivia as a coup.

Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard announced on that his country was granting political asylum to Morales.

Sputnik / ABC Flash Point Blog News 2019.

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CIA @ the Helm?