The Boeing 777X made its first flight over Washington state at 10:09 am local time and landed at 2:00 pm outside Seattle. Previously, the company had to put off two earlier attempts due to high winds.

Boeing’s new model, officially known as the 777-9, is distinguished by folding wingtips and the world’s largest commercial engines, which are wide enough to swallow the fuselage of its smaller 737 MAX.

Boeing officials said, as quoted by Reuters, that the maiden flight would continue 3-5 hours and then the model would be tested for months before the jetliner enters service with Emirates in 2021.

The new Boeing 777X is expected to be the world’s largest and most efficient twin-engine jet, which will deliver 10% lower fuel use and emissions and 10% lower operating costs than the competition.

The Boeing 777X has new General Electric 9X engines, as well as greater cabin width and new composite wings. The aircraft was designed to hold 400 people, on average.

The company has said that 309 of the aircraft, worth more than $442 million each, were already purchased.

RT. com / Flash Point Aviation News 2020.

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