Public housing residents in Australia, trapped in their homes have broken down in tears as they claim food supplies are so dangerously low people could die from starvation.

Nine towers in Flemington and North Melbourne were locked down on Saturday in an effort to slow the spread of Corona-virus, with 3,000 residents unable to leave their apartments for any reason for at least five days.

The state government says it has distributed 3000 meals, 1000 food hampers and 250 personal care packs to residents, while the charity FareShare has provided more than 3000 prepared meals and 4500 pastries?

But Debbie Harrison, who is caring for her 83-year-old mother, Ivy, at a housing unit in North Melbourne says they have only been given four sausage rolls to eat in 48 hours.

Ms Harrison broke down in tears and said she and her mother have run out of fruit, vegetables, meat and toilet paper.

The distressed woman said they had only received their first delivery on Monday despite going into complete lock down at 4pm Saturday.

The mother and daughter were given four small sausage rolls to sustain them for the entire day. Ms Harrison tried to get her daughter to deliver groceries, but she was turned away by police guarding the public housing tower.

After being caught by surprise when the no-warning lock down was implemented, many of those in the buildings were now furious at a lack of food and information from authorities.

Donations supplied by members of the public have been left in the corridors and eventually turns rotten, after frozen meals in plastic bags had thawed and gone off.

Resident at Holland Court in Flemington, Vas Crabb, said he received a supplies for the first time on Monday evening. Firefighters and police officers delivered fresh boxes of groceries donated by Coles, including pasta, oats, rice, canned vegetables, soup, milk and toilet paper.

It’s a relief, even if people aren’t being told about it. But there’s still a lot of uncertainty and still a low of people worried.

Confirmed COVID-19 cases in the towers have almost doubled, from 27 on Sunday to 53 on Monday from about 400 tests, as testing ramps up and police continue to patrol entrances and corridors.

Residents were given copies of the public health orders or ‘detention directives’ on Sunday night, sparking confusion over the term of the lock down which could last as long as 14 days.

To have police on your doorstep, handing a detention notice we can’t understand, it would be really frightening.

Volunteers had talks with the Department of Health and Human Services and local government to work out the best way to distribute the food inside the quarantined buildings.

Those talks paid off late on Monday afternoon, with some goods being distributed from the volunteer center into the locked-down buildings. Police Association President Wayne Gatt walked into the improvised distribution center earlier on Monday and said taking the food to residents can’t be the job of officers.

Clearly you’ve got hundreds of meals here that aren’t able to be delivered to people that obviously need them. I can understand the community’s frustration.

Daily Mail UK / ABC Flash Point Lock-Down News 2020.

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Bekaa Valley
Bekaa Valley
09-07-20 12:17

Test case and example of how things will be handled in the future of the Corona hoax implemented to put people in dictatorial detention?