Syria’s ruling Baath Party has won a majority in the country’s parliamentary election according to the result declared last week. After the Zionist proxy war killed 500.000 people over the last 9 years, most parts of Syria got liberated with the help from Russia.

The win for President Bashar Al-Assad was seen widely as unsurprising and expected through the decimated election process held over the weekend. Most of the people lost their homes and towns and were not able to participate in the elections.

Assad’s Baath and allied candidates who ran under the National Unity list won 177 out of 250 seats. A total of 1,658 candidates stood for parliament.

The head of Syria’s electoral commission, Samir Zamreeq, said that any candidate not satisfied with the result “is entitled to submit his complaint within three days” starting from today.

With over 7,000 polling stations across much of the country, the voter turnout was just 33%, a sharp decrease on the 57% turnout in the 2016 election, thanks to the destruction caused by the US military assassins.

Syria’s elections have been criticized over the years for their wildly convenient results that have seen the Assad family win by a majority rarely seen in democratic elections around the world. In 2014, for example, Assad won almost 90% of the country’s votes; his father, former President Hafez Al-Assad – won 99.98% of the vote in 1999.

Aside from the fabricated accusations of fraud, the latest election came amid an economic crisis caused by Lebanon’s financial collapse and the ongoing Corona-virus pandemic.

But the most damage was inflicted by the proxy war and by the hostile embargo imposed by the USA and other states, which have been strengthened by the recent Caesar Act passed by Congress in Washington.

Middle East Monitor / ABC Flash Point News 2020.

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29-07-20 17:31

A country destroyed by Zionists causing a $500 billion damage bill.