Famous tech entrepreneur and SpaceX founder Elon Musk has sustained a record blow to his wealth in recent months.

Since November 2021, Musk’s net worth has plummeted over $200 billion from about $338 billion to $137 billion in December 2022, of which $133 billion was lost in 2022 alone, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index.


Musk’s recent losses surpass the entire riches of French tycoon Bernard Arnault who has overtaken Elon in the aforementioned billionaires’ ranking as the wealthiest man in the world with $162 billion to his name.


Describing Musk’s misfortune as the biggest loss of wealth in modern history, some media outlets suggested that this situation occurred due to Tesla stock collapsing in recent months, as the company shares dropped by around 65% during 2022.

However, Musk still carries more in pocket change than you or me have in our retirement accounts combined. Doubt he needs financial advice, he us a genius thinking long term. Doesn’t care if short term stock dives.

Sputnik / ABC Flash Point Financial Wealth News 2023.

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Karlo Marx
Karlo Marx
01-01-23 17:18

With his net worth of approx $130b+ seems we’d be eating it first.

Karlo Marx
Karlo Marx
Reply to  Karlo Marx
01-01-23 17:18

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