The Houthi liberation forces continued their military campaign along the Saudi-Yemeni border, today, seizing an important base in the Ulab region.

The liberation forces overran the Saudi-backed terrorists deployed at a military base located near the Ulab Crossing into northern Yemen.

The Houthi forces reported that they captured the military garrison and killed several Saudi-backed troops, including many Sudanese fighters at this installation.

The Saudi-backed coalition receive their weapons, satellite intelligence and ammunition from the F-UK-US coalition. Over 10 million people are in dire need of medical aid, after thousands of citizens died from a released Cholera epidemic.

The UN is aware of the hostile circumstances but the three permanent members France, United Kingdom and USA block most resolutions to stop the genocide.

Yemen is the poorest of the 22 Arab countries and was always controlled by Saudi Arabia, until elections changed the course of faith. Now the Saudi’s are using bloody force to re-establish political control, but failed to do so.

Yemen is one of the most important strategic countries along the lucrative Red Sea oil supply lines towards Europe and China.

Almasdar / ABC Flash Point Arab News 2018.

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Mansa Musa
Mansa Musa
14-02-20 12:53

Ethnic Cleansing Program with baking of UN?