$200,000 worth of gold bars being left on a commuter train near beautiful lakeside Swiss city of Luzern. They were simply left on the train in an unidentified parcel.

The gold bars worth $191,000 (182,000 Swiss francs) were found on a train headed from the Swiss city of St. Gallen to Luzern last October. And eight months later, no one has come forward to claim the bullion.

The parcel was eventually discovered by a train worker and there are currently no known crime connections to the gold bars, CTV News cited Simon Kopp, the information officer for the public prosecutor’s office of Luzern.

Now, the authorities are seeking the public’s help in identifying the individual who left the gold. The gold bars have been confiscated by the prosecutor’s office, which still leaves the rightful owner with up to five years to claim the gold by proving ownership.

So far, no one’s claimed the bullion?

Kitco / ABC Flash Point Bullion News 2020.

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17-06-20 17:10

Probably stolen from Venezuela, that’s why Swiss officials were already to claim the gold is not crime connected?