US military officials say China has been endangering that peace for months. There have been “at least nine” incidents of “unsafe” encounters between the the two sides’ armed forces in the South China Sea.

This way the USA and China are coming dangerously close to a collision in the South China Sea, a clash that could easily turn rhetoric and threats of a “New Cold War” into actual armed conflict.

The Pentagon official said that US warnings are “definitely not overblown” while highlighting what he characterized as China’s “continued risky and  behavior” against US forces deployed along the Chinese coastlines from Korea to Japan.

Last month, a Chinese vessel escorting the Liaoning aircraft carrier during in the South China Sea reportedly maneuvered in an “unsafe and unprofessional way” against the US Navy guided-missile destroyer USS Mustin operating in the area?

As part of a broader containment strategy, the USA is also seeking the support of other regional powers including India to ring fence China’s naval ambitions in the South China Sea and beyond.

During a recent public talk in Washington, Alice Wells, the outgoing Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs, called on regional partners to resist the constant attempt to shift the norms, against the US status quo.

That has to be resisted, whether it’s in the South China Sea where we’ve done a group sail with India, or whether it’s in India’s own backyard, both on land as well as in the Indian Ocean.

Concern over an increasingly assertive and expansionist China is ostensibly driving these new US-aligned foreign policy initiatives of major US partners in the Indo-Pacific.

They also jibe with the notion the USA is building a Cold War-type containment strategy against China, even if it raises the risks of military escalation.

Guided by a return to established principled realism, the United States is responding to the CCP’s [China Communist Party] direct challenge by acknowledging that we are in a strategic competition and protecting our interests appropriately,” the White House report said.

The Trump administration’s toughening all-of-government stance builds on an increasingly anti-China mood on Capitol Hill, especially among fellow Republicans but also rising within the Democrat opposition.

Both Trump and rival Joe Biden are set to campaign for election on strongly anti-China tickets. The Anglo Zio-Nazi swamp has to keep control in the end, if it will work is another question to be answered.

The strategy also reinforces the need to invest in the military elements of that strategy, as well as increased engagement with our allies and partners.

Their [China] totalitarian rule crushes human rights, undermines democratic institutions, and threatens our way of life, evoking old Cold War rhetoric but with a new sense of urgency and ire.

Asia Times / ABC Flash Point News 2020.

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