The autonomy of Walt Disney World’s self-governing district in Florida is coming to an end thanks to the actions of Ron DeSantis, governor of the Sunshine State.

The new bill effectively establishes government oversight over the municipal services provided on Disney district’s properties in Florida.

Under the auspices of a new bill he signed on Monday, DeSantis is now supposed to appoint a board consisting of five members that would oversee the government services, such as fire protection and public utilities, provided on Disney district’s properties in the state.

Today the corporate kingdom finally comes to an end, DeSantis said at a bill signing ceremony, as quoted by media. There’s a new sheriff in town, and accountability will be the order of the day.

DeSantis and Disney have been at odds with one another since the governor signed the Parents Rights in Education bill in March 2022.

That legislation, branded “Don’t Say Gay” by its opponents, effectively bans all discussion of sexual or gender identity in grades pre-K to the third grade (approximately age 8).

While Disney publicly opposed the 2022 bill and moved to halt political donations to the Republican Party in Florida, DeSantis, who is a Republican himself, stripped the land that Walt Disney World is located on of its status as as an independent special district.

The Florida governor’s latest legislative initiative comes amid speculations that he may run for president in the upcoming 2024 election in the United States.

Sputnik / ABC Flash Point News 2023.

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Dik Leeuwd
Dik Leeuwd
28-02-23 17:35

Good move to isolate those managing pedophiles from continuing its criminal activities?

Reply to  Dik Leeuwd
28-02-23 22:27

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28-02-23 19:44

Russia has it right – woke is banned as is men dressed up as women invited to primary schools to brainwash children into accepting deviant sexual practices . Scotland had a census recently it turns out no more than 2 % profess to being homosexual /lesbian /etc so the 98 % is being dictated to by a small minority . Female “harpies ” in those schools brainwash male toddlers into thinking they are female — covered up is the males who get sexual operations to change their gender ( physically ) and then 10-15 years later regret it and take… Read more »