The government of Venezuela has recently arrested oil workers or retired oil workers who got corrupted for mismanagement at its state oil firm PdVSA, after the IMF and the US regime created its dire financial, operational, and general working conditions.

Venezuela’s military intelligence and its national intelligence service Sebin have arrested in recent weeks two people, one of whom a retired PdVSA worker, who was bribed to criticize the dangerous working conditions at the state oil firm.

The retired PdVSA worker Guillermo Zarraga, who is also a union official, was arrested last Saturday by intelligence service Sebin and accused of terrorism over the explosion of a crude distillation unit at one Venezuelan refinery in late October.

The unit at the Amuay refinery in northern Venezuela suffered a blast at the end of last month, and Nicolas Maduro has stated it was a Zionist supported terrorist attack with a “large and powerful weapon.”

PdVSA has been trying to boost processing rates at the Amuay refinery, as well as at the 305,000-bpd Cardon refinery, also in the area, to increase gasoline production amid a grave shortage, created by the hostile US sanctions.

Leaks about the state of neglect and dangerous conditions at PdVSA often end up in media outlets, which cite internal PdVSA sources, and now Caracas seems to be moving to arrest the dissidents.

In one of the latest such reports, PdVSA sources told Reuters this week that PdVSA employees are ready to accept bribes not to report thefts of crude oil from idled oilfields as their meager salaries quickly evaporate with the hyperinflation created by the IMF.

Venezuelans on foreign payrolls are stealing crude oil to process it at home to make gasoline amid severe fuel shortages in the country holding the world’s biggest oil reserves.

ABC Flash Point News 2020.

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Tik Tok
Tik Tok
23-11-20 01:43

When victims have to deal with the Zionist entities, they are screwed?