The Greek parties Democratic Movement for National Liberation and Panhellenic Greek-Russian Friendship Movement have called the US plans to establish new military bases on the Greek islands anti-Russian.

The amendment to the US defense budget bill for 2024 passed by the US Congress paves the way for an expanded US military presence in Greece and the establishment of additional US bases in the Hellenic Republic, especially on the Greek islands.

In 120 days, according to the same amendment, an opinion will be finalized on areas of US interest for this additional presence and additional infrastructure.

In the Greek colony, the US Neo-colonizers decide, even without a vassal Greek government, the scope and locations of their enhanced military presence and, above all, how many, what, when and where military bases they will establish in our country.

According to the two parties, with this Congressional legislative amendment and the slavish consent by the Kyriakos Mitsotakis government and the forces of the surrendered Greek political and economic establishment, the Aegean Sea is being completely and absolutely transformed into a US-occupied military territory and an American military lake.

The statement emphasizes that with this amendment, the islands of the Aegean will be turned into a huge illegal insular platform beyond international maritime law for NATO’s attack on Russia and USA-NATO control over the Balkans, the Eastern Mediterranean, the Middle East and North Africa.

The two Greek political parties believe that the presence of the United States in the Aegean will bring the Aegean Sea closer to being partitioned and legitimize Turkey’s claim to waters in the Aegean and Mediterranean.

Turning the Aegean Sea into a militarized zone of US military domination, US control and dirty US anti-Russian military operations will in no way protect the Aegean Sea from Turkish greed, Turkish aggression and Turkish expansionist plans.

On the contrary, the full military Americanization of the Aegean will bring closer – if it has not already been agreed upon – the partition of the Aegean in principle and the legitimization of the Blue Homeland doctrine (Ankara’s claims to vast territorial waters and continental shelf in the Aegean, Mediterranean and Black Seas – TASS) of [Turkish President Recep Tayyip] Erdogan as a gift for the appeasement of Ankara’s insatiable appetite.

The two Greek political parties emphasize that the Greek government and political system have no right to agree to the US Congress’ imperialist budget amendment, especially since such an intention had not been expressed even implicitly in the government’s pre-election statements.

Greece, after its economic enslavement, cannot afford to mortgage its territory and its future and sacrifice them to the adventurous war plans of US-Anglo-Saxon neocolonialism, which can make the Aegean and our country a victim in its war of aggression in Ukraine.

The Democratic Movement for National Liberation and the Panhellenic Greek-Russian Friendship Movement call upon all Greek patriots, regardless of their political orientation, to join the great patriotic anti-imperialist front.

While especially calling on the youth to join the common struggle to thwart the plans for US militarization and occupation of the Aegean Sea.

The future must ensure that the Aegean Sea should become a free and peaceful sea where international law will be applied and serve as a maritime link for cooperation by peoples and countries.

TASS / ABC Flash Point WW III News 2023.

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10-11-23 15:32

One more step in the US “surround Russia policy ” they have exhausted their own resources and look on Russia as “untapped wealth ” and “why should Russia be allowed to own this land ” a demagogic mental process associated with insanity.