The US embargo against Venezuela and the freeze of the Venezuelan money by Western banks have increased the prices for food and a serious shortage in medical issues.

The Western countries confiscate all transports of medical aid to Venezuela, they are threatening sanctions for countries trying to buy oil from Venezuela, all these are measures that violate the UN Charter.

And after all they are threatening Venezuela with violence, if their “humanitarian aid” cannot pass the Colombian border! Venezuela does not need their aid! They need free trade and access to their accounts abroad!

Like any country at war (and the Trump administration has placed Venezuela under wartime conditions, and is threatening immediate invasion), there have been shortages, and products that can mostly be found on the black market.

This should surprise no one: During World War II in the USA, a cornucopia of a country not seriously threatened with invasion, there was strict rationing of products like sugar, coffee and rubber.

The Venezuelan government has made food, medicine and pharmaceuticals available at extremely low prices, but much of the merchandise has made its way to the black market, or over the border to Colombia, depriving Venezuelans of supplies and ruining Colombian producers.

The government recently abandoned some of the heavy price subsidies, which resulted initially in higher prices. Over the past few weeks, prices have been coming down as supplies stayed in Venezuela, especially as the government gained greater control over the Colombian border to prevent smuggling.

There has never been a serious discussion of any of this in the US corporate media, much less any discussion of the campaign of lies or the Trump administration warfare.

There has been no comparison with conditions in the 1980’s and ’90’s, when Venezuela’s neoliberal government imposed IMF economic recipes, resulting in a popular rebellion.

During the bloody 1989 Caracazo, the wholesale government repression took the lives of hundreds (according to the government at the time) or thousands (according to government critics), and martial law took the lives of many more.

Efforts by the right-wing opposition to provoke a similar uprising, and another Caracazo that could justify a foreign “humanitarian intervention,” have failed repeatedly.

So the US administration and corporate media simply resort to the most extreme lying about Latin America that has been seen since the Reagan administration wars of the 1980’s. / ABC Flash Point Intervention News 2019.

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Booby Trap
Booby Trap
15-04-20 21:46

Blaming the other for the crimes one commit?