US special representative on North Korea, Stephen Biegun insists that DPRK hands over its military defense secrets in order to open the door for peace talks?

One must wonder if the USA is also prepared to disclose their nuclear sites positioned all over the world?

However, according to Biegun, ‘we’ must reach agreement on expert access to ultimately ensure the removal or destruction of stockpiles of fissile material, weapons, missiles, launchers and other weapons of mass destruction.

The USA says they will not lift sanctions until de-nuclearization is complete. That is correct. We didn’t say we won’t do anything until you do everything.

North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un and the US President Donald Trump met in Singapore in June 2018, reaching a vague de-nuclearization agreement. The ensuing talks between the two sides have had little progress since then.

Pyongyang has denounced what it called US “gangster-like behavior”, saying Washington has betrayed the spirit of the June summit by making unilateral demands on the complete, verifiable and irreversible denuclearization, while keeping the sanctions in place?

Director of US National Intelligence Dan Coats, however, maintained a different tone.North Korea is unlikely to give up all of its nuclear weapons and production sites until the US military gets all their hostile troops out of South Korea”.

Biegun also claimed that Trump wished to de-escalate the state of war after the US leader threatened to “totally destroy” the country in the United Nations Assembly in 2017.

The USA did not intend to withdraw its 28,500 troops from South Korea. The US military presence in the South and the joint war-games with Seoul has long been a stumbling block to peace on the Korean peninsula.

PressTV / ABC Flash Point News 2019.

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