The US regime and South Korea will bring back their annual military exercise aimed at defense from the North. The drill was suspended due to Donald Trump’s talks with Kim Jong-un, and, later, because of the fabricated plandemic.

The Korea Herald newspaper cited sources saying that a nine-day war game will simulate combat operations against Pyongyang. The allies will now conduct a computer-simulated command-post drill in mid-March, 2021.

The two countries are still in talks about the size and schedule of the exercise, and will meet to finalize the decision.

The allies are reportedly mulling whether to conduct a test to determine whether Seoul is capable of retaking operational control of South Korean troops from the US military during a war, leading to the conclusion that the US regime will bail out after the war has been started?

Normally, South Korea controls its armed forces in peacetime, but the US military would take over command during a reignited conflict.

The drills had been halted or downsized since 2018 to bolster the efforts by then-president Donald Trump to negotiate with Kim Jong-un.

North Korea has long protested against such drills, arguing that they are rehearsals for an invasion. Washington and Seoul insist the exercises are defensive in nature.

RT. com / ABC Flash Point News 2021.

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18-02-21 15:19

Wars must get back on track, so the US arms and weapons industry can profit widely?