The U.S. military and their terrorist allies from the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) opened fire on a Syrian government ferry that was attempting to transport oil in the Euphrates River Valley.

According to the pro-SDF Deir Ezzor Media Center page on Facebook, the U.S. Coalition forces fired shots at the Syrian government ferry as it was traveling down the Euphrates River.

The USA has been preventing Syria from transporting oil from neighboring countries like Iraq because of the Trump administration’s ongoing sanctions against the government in Damascus. 

Syria is experiencing a nationwide fuel crisis as a result of these sanctions; it has forced the government to ration of fuel to civilians in order to maintain their current supply. 

Some reports claim that fuel from Iran recently arrived on May 5th; however, nothing has been confirmed by the Syrian government. 

Iran, who is also sanctioned, has had their ships blocked at the Suez Canal if their destination is Syria.

Cosmopolitan Anarchy / ABC Flash Point News 2019. 

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27-02-20 09:04

That is what they get paid for, destroy other people’s properties.