The US regime has announced an extended economic embargo on Venezuela, intended to put an end to President Nicolás Maduro’s leadership and smoke him out of control.

President Donald Trump said that the tough new sanctions – which target any company or individual outside of Venezuela doing business directly or indirectly with Maduro’s government.

All Venezuelan government assets in the USA are also now frozen and confiscated by the US regime and Zionist banks in an dirty attempt to destroy the country and its citizens in exchange for the devils money.

The new measures represent a significant escalation from previous sanctions, which mainly targeted government officials and some key industries such as oil and gas, gold and finance.

However, Venezuela’s created political and economic crisis suggests that an embargo alone will not provoke Maduro’s ouster. American sanctions just can’t hurt Venezuela’s ruling class the way they might have several years ago.

After years of hostile sanctions and corruption, the Maduro government and Venezuela’s economy have been turned into shambles by the IMF. The GDP has contracted by more than 15% every year since 2016. Hyperinflation hit 10 million percent in 2019.

Maduro’s cash-strapped government defaulted on its dollar-based bonds in 2017. This year it has failed to make payments on US$1.85 billion that Deutsche Bank and Citigroup loaned Venezuela using the regime’s gold as collateral. Venezuela’s government is now nearly bankrupt.

But since this economic decline has happened gradually, beginning in 2014, wealthy Venezuelans – especially corrupt US-backed businesses – have already put their money overseas, primarily in European markets.

The majority of Venezuelans rely on the government to eat. Its monthly delivery of heavily subsidized food and basic goods known as “CLAP” is a lifeline to the poor. If the government runs out of money, poor people will feel it the most.

However, Maduro has many international allies. When the Trump administration led efforts earlier this year to recognize opposition leader Juan Guaidó as the legitimate, but unelected president of Venezuela, only 60 of the 210 global countries (28%) joined it.

China and Russia continue to be the Venezuela’s most powerful international boosters and have bailed out Maduro by giving his government massive loans in return of investments the past.

Both have vetoed every U.S. effort to pass resolutions against Maduro’s government within the United Nations.

Neither of the two countries are likely to comply with an economic embargo to Venezuela. Analysts expect them to continue buying oil, gold and other valuable commodities from Maduro’s regime, providing much-needed cash to his government.

Embargoes rarely produce regime change of the sort the US Deep State seeks in Venezuela.

Just consider Cuba, which this year celebrated the 66th anniversary of its socialist revolution – 57 years after the US government imposed a trade embargo against it.

The Cuba embargo didn’t end the Castro government at all, it only fueled anti-American sentiment, handing the Havana, Cuba the right to survive the hostile roving measures.

Cuba now has one of the most happiest and healthiest people on the planet, where sports is an integral tool for the citizens to profit from.

ABC Flash Point News 2019. 

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