Last week, London police responded to separate stabbings within hours of each other, the victims, a young boy believed to be in his teens and a man, were sent to the hospital with life-threatening or serious stab wounds.

With 39,000 stabbing victims in just six months. Quietly, a brutal, deadly knife attack epidemic is overwhelming residents and police forces throughout the United Kingdom.

During the first six months of the year, police recorded 39,332 knife crime offenses- a 12% increase over last year, according to the Office for National Statistics.

Other violent crimes, including murder and robbery, also increased by double-digit percentages. Data also showed the number of homicides in which a knife or sharp instrument was used increased by 25% in the last year.

There’s little agreement about what’s behind the surge in violent crime.

Some point fingers at gangs and the sale of drugs; others blame recent mass migration- with little or no vetting and few resources with which to care for the new populations- that poured in from the Middle East, largely as a result of UK soldiers fighting in Syria.

Embattled London Mayor Sadiq Khan warned it could take a generation to solve London’s violent crime problem.

Elsewhere, Home Secretary Sajid Javid reportedly called London’s police commissioner demanding officers to step up the response and get “the situation under control.”

It is ironic that at a time when policing leadership and culture is widely viewed as strong and reformed, policing is now simply holding the thin blue line, responding to crises and reacting to escalating levels of violence.

The causes of the rise in violence are complex, and so are the solutions, but each and every one of my officers and staff, whether they are a firearms officer, a neighborhood officer or a call handler, know violence is our number-one priority and have this at the forefront of their minds whatever they are doing.

Austerity measures resulted in poverty rates rising over the entire UK. On top of the economic downturn the BREXIT hoax is used to camouflage unemployment in order to safeguard corporate profit taking. / ABC Flash Point News 2018.

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30-05-20 23:32

The world our hostile governments created for the greedy and satanic elite?