Members of the Svoboda party have seized an Orthodox church in the village of Stryzhavka, Vinnitsa region by force .

Earlier FRN reported that the Rada managed to adopt the law on renaming the UOC-MP into the Orthodox Church of Ukraine. It turned out that before the voting, they simply blackmailed deputies to get a majority.

Poroshenko is pushing a schism in the Orthodox Church with assistance from the Vatican and Atlanticist vectors of power, for a number of reasons. 

The creation of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine represents a schismatic move which cuts against centuries of practice and decrees on the subject. There is a global conspiracy against Orthodox Christianity.

Patriarch Kirill alluded to a global conspiracy against Orthodox Christianity as the cause of the ongoing rift between his church and the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople during an annual religious conference in Moscow.

The stakes are very high, and the incentive to destroy the unity of the Church has a global dimension. It’s not a fight over jurisdiction. It’s a fight against the only powerful Orthodox force in the world.

The Russian Christian leader added that Orthodox Christianity served as an “island of freedom” standing against values and ideas forced upon mankind by globalism.

The two Orthodox Churches are no longer in a spiritual communion after the Russian Church broke ties with its Istanbul-based counterpart.

The move was in response to Constantinople revoking a 1686 decision, which acknowledged Moscow’s authority to appoint the Metropolitan of Kiev and all Ukraine.

Still the Filaret II (Denisenko), who was leader of the Ukrainian branch since 1968, was not satisfied with mere autonomy and demanded that his church were recognized autocephalous, i.e. fully independent from Moscow.

This led to a schism, with Denisenko declaring himself ‘Patriarch’ of a ‘Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Kiev Patriarchate’ an organization that was not recognized as a proper Orthodox Church by any other canonical churches until recently. / ABC Flash Point News 2018.

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