Turkey is preparing to start military operation East of Euphrates in couple days in order to liberate the terrorist controlled oil rich area from the evil occupying entities.

Turkey intends to launch a military operation in the north-east of Syria will facilitate a political solution for the region.

The time has come to carry out our intention to neutralize terrorists in the east of the Euphrates. The US military that occupies 80% of the Syrian oil fields has been informed.

Erdogan said that Turkey decisively wants to bring peace and tranquility to civilians in the east of the Euphrates, as we have already done in other regions of Syria.

Earlier, the Turkish Security Council stated that the main threat to the political settlement in Syria is coming from the US supported Kurdish-held territories in the country’s northeast.

The council added that Turkey could use its right of self-defense and would not allow the YPG to change the demographic structure of northern Syria via forced migrations.

Turkey has been claiming that the YPG’s presence near its border hampers its national security. Earlier this year, it conducted an offensive against the Kurdish militia in Syria’s northern border city of Afrin.

Ankara is also currently engaged in an operation to eliminate Kurdish strongholds in northern Iraq.

Sputnik /ABC Flash Point WW III News 2018.

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